Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


February 2018 through June 2018

EDI Seminars are an innovative and research-backed option to propel your company's equity and inclusion goals.  Part workshop, part group coaching, seminars support your employees towards deep-growth and self-sufficiency around EDI issues. 

How they work: Cohorts of 6 to 8 employees meet weekly or biweekly with a trained EDI coach and trainer for 60 minutes of deep-dive EDI work. Each Seminar session includes introduction of new tools (research-backed and tailored to the cohort) as well as group coaching to push each participant to understand and absorb the tools into their skillset. 

Who: EDI Seminars are designed both for employees who are hungry for EDI improvements in their workplace, as well as for those unsure about EDI programs but ready to dive into it for their own professional development.  The only requirement is an ability to commit to a 6-session series as well as an openness to adhere to a few brain-friendly ground rules. 

When + Where: Seminar sessions are held in your offices during normal work hours, making them accessible for your employees as part of their normal work day.  


  1. Support issues in real time: Seminars provide a healthy pressure-release valve for the most intense or unresolved EDI issues your employees experience or bring to the table. They are also designed to help participants handle the toughest and most pressing questions and issues and come out of it smarter, more resilient, and with peer support they didn't feel before.
  2. Quickly build camaraderie and cross-group rapport: Groups that previously did not see eye-to-eye quickly find shared values and a sense of empathy and understanding in Seminar.  
  3. Scalable and long-term ROI: 80% of Seminar cohorts continue meeting regularly in self-organized sessions for a year or more after their original 6-session series -- completely of their own accord and without requiring additional resources from the company. This is because cohorts co-learn empathetic yet rigorous methods of supporting each other -- this level of challenging yet nurturing peer support is invaluable as employees grow in their career -- yet costs the company nothing after the original 6 week series. 

We are now booking for March and April series. Reach out to learn more about bringing these to your company. 

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We are currently booked out for workshops through June 2018. Please contact us if you'd like to schedule or learn more about booking them for June 2018 or beyond.

Equity + Inclusion workshops: Sessions that leave you feeling smarter, optimistic, and empowered about the complex and very important issue of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Workshops are two hours each, are offered as either a 2 or 3 part series, at a cadence that fits your team's schedule.

What we cover:

  • The neurology and psychology behind EDI
  • Specific examples and inspiration from real companies innovating in this field
  • Practice time with human-friendly frameworks for starting (and responding to) EDI conversations 
  • Balanced participation: Group discussions that meet the needs of the many participation preferences in the room (quiet thinkers, verbal thinkers, visual thinkers, etc). 

What these workshops do not include:

  • There is no forced sharing, or putting people on the spot to represent "their people". You share only what feels safe to share. You represent yourself.   
  • We don't hover around vague concepts: We focus on applied psychology and stick to specific life and work examples.
  • I do not require 100% seriousness:  A typical workshop includes moments of laughter, smiling, and high fiving each other, as well as moments where we get really serious and some people sometimes get teary-eyed and other people challenge the parts they disagree with.  This is all typical. 
  • We do not cover anti-harassment legalities or a list of phrases you shouldn't say.  Our goal is to A) understand psychological barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion, and B) practice actions that improve the workplace for all.  
"Relevant, helpful and down to earth"
"I can't wait to go to another one"
"Paloma is a total gem and I'm really glad we found her. She's invaluable."
"Surprisingly actionable and energizing, makes me feel we can tackle these issues together"

I work with a maximum of two companies at a time to ensure employees receive the support and tailored training required for EDI work. Connect with me if you would like to learn more about bringing these workshops to your company: info @ palomamedina.com



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