August 2018 Update: We not currently booking new clients for workshops or consulting. 
We recommend: Keep an eye out for workshops on equity, diversity and inclusion psychology offered by Paloma at 11:11 Supply.
These are open to the public and cover great content relevant to community, personal and work life. 


Learning sessions for tech, design and other innovation-focused companies. Employees and leaders call Paloma's workshops "actionable", "thoroughly enjoyable" and "damn smart". Workshops focus on:

  • Demystifying EDI: The neurology and psychology of what makes us behave the way we do.
  • Real Talk: We don't hover on vague concepts or examples. We focus on applied psychology and stick to specific life and work situations.
  • Practice Time: Because authentic behavioral change requires it.
  • Balanced participation: No more discussions dominated by just a few people

What these workshops do not include:

  • There is no forced sharing, or putting people on the spot to represent "their people". You share only what feels safe to share. You represent yourself.   
  • These are not a good fit for folks who prefer 100% seriousness around EDI:  A typical session includes as much laughter and high-fiving as it does serious, real talk conversations. 
  • We do not cover anti-harassment legalities or discussions on how to not get sued.  Instead, our goal is to A) Understand the psychological barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion, and B) Leverage psychology and science to take new actions that improve the workplace for all.  





"Relevant, helpful and down to earth"
"I can't wait to go to another one!"
"I came in ready to hate this. I totally didn't! I kind of loved it."
"Paloma is a total gem and I'm really glad we found her. She's invaluable."
"Really actionable... It's the only diversity training that's been worthwhile"


Schedule an introductory call with Paloma to learn more about which workshop or lecture might be best for your crew and company, or send us a message at